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Time to Fly

I watched a TED talk with America Ferrera and it made me want to write a movie so that she could star in it as her glorious self. I’m not a screen writer so my impulse will fall by the wayside, but it made me self reflect. Does my work represent my values. Is it diverse? And if I see it as diverse, does that mean it actually is diverse...or is my view of diversity skewed by my background. For the longest time, I’ve felt so cautious about posting anything. What if some asshole steals it? What if, god forbid, someone loves it and I have to accept a compliment. What if, because it’s tied back to me and my name, it will be judged before any word is read? What personal stigma affects my work the most? My race? My gender? I created a pseudonym so that I could put my words out there and remain anonymous. I intentionally picked a “gender neutral” name. There is no profile picture. I wished to be no one and let my thoughts carry the story. I don’t know if that’s brilliant, depressing, or b