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I am concerned for coworkers, friends.. concerned for family. My state (when I fell ill, which was March) isn’t testing for “the virus” unless the patient is elderly or works in healthcare. They told us to stay home, even if you have symptoms...unless it’s an emergency, but then call first. I will relay my undiagnosed symptoms. Started with a headache. Almost felt like a migraine except the stomach never joined the party. It persisted for days. Constant pain medication administered equivalent to migraine doses.  Then it traveled to the neck for a day. Sleep position and pillow quality questioned. Lots of swearing and stretching, but nothing loosened. No fever. No cough. Not sick. The throat tickled. It was irritating. Almost like there was too much pepper. All the time. No fever. Moderately easy to not cough. Not sick because no fever and no dry cough. Didn’t cough up mucus. Fever hit like a ton of bricks. Coughed if exerting. Coughed if talking for more than a